Great Ideas Start With Your First Sip of Coffee

Getting up in the morning, starting the coffeemaker, making kids lunches, feeding the two noisy cats and the one whining dog – finally, the coffee was ready to drink and it tasted terrible. But of course I drank it. Caffeine is as necessary to me as my contact lenses – I simply can’t see without it.

Fortunately for me, I was heading into work at Sizzor Shak, so I knew I would soon encounter our new Java Shak line. It is simply incredible… so smooth and rich with a great aroma. I won’t share the brand I have in my cabinets at home, but it is soon to be replaced with the shiny gold bags of 100% Arabica coffee beans. I guess this is one time it’s good to take my work home with me!

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  1. Kaci
    Kaci says:

    This coffee is so yummy and doesn’t sit heavy on my stomach. Since I am pregnant, the decaf is perfect since it is Swiss Water Processed (processed only through water and no chemicals) and not chemically processed (formaldehyde is the chemical used to decaffeinate coffee and to embalm and preserve dead bodies). I love it!

  2. Wendy
    Wendy says:

    I totally agree, Kaci. While I love caffeine, I admit that I actually look forward to my afternoon and evening cups of joe because the decaf is THAT GOOD!
    Congratulations on your pregnancy!

  3. Michelle
    Michelle says:

    Hey Wendy. I love love love coffee, but my work doesn’t make any. booooo. My favorite however is French Vanilla Cappuccino, yum. Maybe I could come by the shop sometime for a cup of your favorite. 🙂

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