havoc on your hair

3 Painful Summer Events Reeking Havoc on Your Hair

You hear every day about protecting your skin from the sun. There’s no new news when it comes to SPF, sunscreen and the like. Did you know that you are supposed to protect your hair from summer weather, as well? What do you mean, you ask? Well, what I mean is that your hair goes through a lot of torment in the summer sun and activities. Here are three painful summer events reeking havoc on your hair:

  • First painful event: You will likely lighten your hair with hi-lites from your favorite Color Spa, Sizzor Shak. Lightening you hair will always put a slight strain on the ends. The best solution for this is a healthy trim to cut off the breaking ends, followed by a professional conditioning treatment.
  • Second painful event: Spending your summer fun in a pool of some sort. While salt-water pools are healthier than chlorinated pools, both reek-havoc on your hair. Chlorine is a chemical that keeps water clean but also can dry out those beautiful locks. Salt, from the sea, is very hydrating. Salt that is bleach treated and processed through other chemicals (sodium chloride – what they use in pools and in table salt) is very dehydrating, also drying out your hair. Choose the better of the two if you have an option or avoid dipping under the water. You can also purchase a mild clarifying shampoo to remove chlorine and salt from your hair, like Fairy Tales Natural Lifeguard Clarifying Shampoo. Fairy Tales also carries an all-natural conditioner to help remove the chlorine green and salt called Lemon-aid Conditioner and a leave in spray called Coco Cabana Spray.
  • Third painful event: The SUN – shocking, right? You will want to use a protective oil with SPF in your hair to keep your hair from getting damage from the harmful UV rays that the sun lets off. Use a product, such as S Factor by Tigi’s True Lasting Colour Hair Oil.

Follow these steps and your hair will be the talk of the town!