Haircuts, Coffee, & WiFi… Oh My!

Sizzor Shak Salon & Color Spa has always been up with the cutting edge of current trends.  Since it opened its doors 35 years ago, the public has been able to rely on “The Shak” to provide the latest in hairstyles, professional products, styling tools and techniques.

Making WiFi available to the public continues The Shak’s endeavor to bring its clients the best and most convenient services available.  “Communication is important to our clients, and being able to check email and do Internet searches enables them to stay up to date with their work, or just to have more fun while they get their hair done,” says Cathy Landolt, stylist who has worked for Sizzor Shak for 26 years.

WiFi is also a great addition to the new Java Shak, a coffee & hot tea bar available to salon clients. The Java Shak offers Organic Gourmet Coffee and Tea. You can purchase this coffee by the bag or cup. For people who love coffee but not the caffeine, there will also be a Swiss Water Processed decaf coffee offered. Swiss water processing takes the caffeine out of coffee by processing it through water instead of harsh chemicals.

So come on in to Sizzor Shak, bring your laptop, grab a cup of coffee, surf the Internet, & get the best hair cut in the St. Louis area!