Spring Is In Session

Spring is here!!! Two weeks ago it was snowing and sleeting … and today the sun is out, the temperature is warm, and the dogwoods are in bloom. I love the unpredictability of this season!

Of course, I might be one of the few that doesn’t mind an unexpected snowfall. Some have teased me about having a Pollyanna complex, but it’s true that you can find things to be glad about if you make up your mind to. Read more

Snow Day

I have been a St Louis girl all my life.  Born and bred in the Midwest, of strong German stock.  And I can attest to the truth in the saying, “If you don’t like the weather in St Louis, just wait five minutes.”  Our temperature patterns and weather conditions can do extreme fluctuations in a really short period of time.

So most of us know how to handle the sweltering hot, humid days of summer.  And we are able to gear up for the bitterly cold weather that turns your eyelashes to icicles.  But an odd thing about us St Louisans … a lot of us become wimps when it comes to snow.

Sorry to be blunt, but it’s just the truth.  You know who you are.

Today it is snowing.  And it is beautiful … the flakes are softly falling to the ground, the temperature is cold but refreshing, and there is not any wind to fight against.   It is actually a lovely January day. Read more

Beautiful Hair Never Takes A Snow Day

Early this morning, Scott & Linda Weber along with sons, Blake & Kyle Weber, journeyed out through the winter wonderland to Downtown Collinsville to shovel the snow off of the sidewalks.

“We want all of our valued & loyal customers to make it through the doors of Sizzor Shak without ending up soaking wet from the knees down,” says Scott Weber. “That’s why we go the extra mile to clear the walk ways. Plus, our customers are worth it!”

Scott has even been known to work beyond what’s just in front of Sizzor Shak & help out his neighboring businesses on Main Street. Check out this video from this morning:

Don’t forget to check out Sizzor Shak if you’ve been searching through salons in Collinsville, Edwardsville, Troy, Maryville, or anywhere else in the St. Louis area. Our work is guaranteed & we know you’ll love The Shak Family!

Haircuts, Coffee, & WiFi… Oh My!

Sizzor Shak Salon & Color Spa has always been up with the cutting edge of current trends.  Since it opened its doors 35 years ago, the public has been able to rely on “The Shak” to provide the latest in hairstyles, professional products, styling tools and techniques.

Making WiFi available to the public continues The Shak’s endeavor to bring its clients the best and most convenient services available.  “Communication is important to our clients, and being able to check email and do Internet searches enables them to stay up to date with their work, or just to have more fun while they get their hair done,” says Cathy Landolt, stylist who has worked for Sizzor Shak for 26 years. Read more

Cheers! Everyone Knows Your Name!

Remember the TV sitcom Cheers? The show takes place in a historical tavern in Boston. It is lauded as the place where you want to go, because everybody knows your name and they are always glad you came.

As corny as it sounds, this is how I feel about the place where I work. I came in late today, feeling really tired from all of the hullabaloo that this season demands. And the first person I see is Nicole, who gives me a big hug. We spend a minute admiring her brand new engagement ring (so happy – she’ll be the best wife ever)! Then I give and receive hugs from Linda (I’ve never had a boss who I like to hug so much!). I check in with Kaci at the desk – her first baby is due soon. I know from experience how precious it is to experience Christmas while expecting a child; there is a kinship to Mary and the baby Jesus that makes this season so special.

Speaking of babies, Lisa is a new aunt to a chubby little 2 day old named Mabel, and we ooh and ahh over the photos. Charlotte brings a new flatbread snack for everyone to try, and Scott passes out samples of gourmet coffee.

All of a sudden, I realize that an hour has passed and I am feeling great! How many people can say that going into work has made their day better? As I write this, I feel completely and utterly blessed.

I may not be in a historical tavern in Boston drinking a beer; however, a historical salon in Collinsville that serves up coffee and love is a perfect place for me.

I’m glad I don’t need to change my name to “Norm!” to keep my Cheers this season!

Sip & Snip: The Shak’s Got Java

Sizzor Shak is proud to announce the newest addition to their wide variety of services: ORGANIC GOURMET COFFEE! They call it Java Shak! And it couldn’t come at a better time with winter approaching. Anyone who talked about this project to owner, Scott Weber, has been more than likely chomping at the bean to get this machine up & running.

Weber did his homework, sampling coffee after coffee to bring you the best cup on the market right here to Sizzor Shak Salon & Color Spa in Collinsville, IL! “Our machine grinds up the freshly roasted beans for each individual cup purchased,” says Weber, “ensuring that you get the best quality, bold flavor with every sip!”

In fact, the Shak Girls now describe the coffee they’ve kept in their cabinets at home as “tasting like dirt,” compared to the organic gourmet Java Shak coffee. “You need to experience it for yourself to understand!” Java Shak coffee is organic, low-acidic, very aromatic, & so smooth.

Head into “The Shak” today to get a cup of your own! Regular, Light, or Decaf (Swiss Water Processed) is only $1.25 for a 12oz cup. They also have Cappuccino, Cafe Mocha, Hot Chocolate, & French Vanilla for $1.75 for a 12oz cup.

If that’s just not enough for you, you can purchase 12oz airtight sealed bags of whole bean, ground, or even flavored Java Shak cofee right inside Sizzor Shak. You can also visit to purchase the bags of coffee online & have it shipped to you or someone else as a gift.

So next time you’re in Collinsville, swing by Sizzor Shak Salon & Spa, relax at their bistro tables, access their free Wifi, & sip on a cup of joe!

Mistaken Identity

The Weber family started Sizzor Shak Salon & Color Spa 35 years ago. I have been working at the Shak for over three years now, and the fun, family vibe is one of the reasons that this salon is such a amazing place to work.

My job as a receptionist plops me right between two of the Webers – Kaci at the desk and Linda at her station. Mama and Daughter Weber, respectively. Every morning we get coffee for each other and we try out new flavor mixes. Kaci tries out all the decaf options since she is expecting a baby girl in February. It’s a great way to start the workday, and I love these ladies dearly.

So, the other day I was at the bank with my salon attire on and the teller very sweetly asked how my daughter was doing. ??????? I have three children, all boys.

“I don’t have a daughter,” I responded.
“Isn’t Kaci your daughter?” she asked.

Okay, Linda is a gorgeous woman, so being compared to her is a great thing. However, I am only 9 years older than Kaci. So this was definitely NOT a complimentary question. I smiled pleasantly, told her she was mistaken, and when straight into the salon to schedule a facial.

Things got better this past weekend, when someone mistook me for Kaci. It’s always nice for people to think you are younger than you are.

Unfortunately, they asked me how my pregnancy was going.
(Not pregnant, by the way).


Looks like I’m going to need another cup of coffee to keep my smile in place today.

Great Ideas Start With Your First Sip of Coffee

Getting up in the morning, starting the coffeemaker, making kids lunches, feeding the two noisy cats and the one whining dog – finally, the coffee was ready to drink and it tasted terrible. But of course I drank it. Caffeine is as necessary to me as my contact lenses – I simply can’t see without it.

Fortunately for me, I was heading into work at Sizzor Shak, so I knew I would soon encounter our new Java Shak line. It is simply incredible… so smooth and rich with a great aroma. I won’t share the brand I have in my cabinets at home, but it is soon to be replaced with the shiny gold bags of 100% Arabica coffee beans. I guess this is one time it’s good to take my work home with me!