Is the Sun Setting on Your Health and Beauty?

It’s that time of year again! It’s the time of year that the sun disappears earlier and earlier in the evenings, which means no sun-light after we get off of work. What does that mean for your health and beauty? Well, for starters- no sun light equals no tan. But mostly, the sun naturally produces […]

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The Wonderful World of Watermelon & Beauty

What tastes best on a hot summer’s day? There’s nothing better and more refreshing than the bite of a fresh cut watermelon in the heat of the day. Have you ever known someone to pass up that bowl of juicy melon? Probably not. Better than refreshing, did you know that watermelon offers a whole list […]

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3 Painful Summer Events Reeking Havoc on Your Hair

You hear every day about protecting your skin from the sun. There’s no new news when it comes to SPF, sunscreen and the like. Did you know that you are supposed to protect your hair from summer weather, as well? What do you mean, you ask? Well, what I mean is that your hair goes […]

2013 Sizzor Shak Staff Slideshow

2013 Sizzor Shak Staff Slideshow

Our 2013 Sizzor Shak Staff Slideshow. This is why we are voted the “Best in Collinsville!” What an awesome staff!

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Body Chemistry and Beauty

In America, we are constantly fighting health problems, especially including skin concerns. Is your skin consistently inflamed, discolored or breaking out. Maybe complexion issues are more than just skin deep. Have you ever wondered if body chemistry and beauty affect one another? What the doctors don’t tell you is that your skin and hair reflect […]

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Nutrition and Hair Health

More than ever, we are seeing an increase in hair loss and a decline in hair health. Anywhere you go, you will notice people walking around trying to hide thinning hair or complete hair loss by covering it up with wigs, teasing, styling, or even hats. What if there was a way to prevent hair […]

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Murder Mystery Dinner Winner

Sizzor Shak Salon & Color Spa is giving away tickets for 2 to the Bissell Mansion Murder Mystery Dinner Theater. In this video, we draw our winner! Our next drawing will be for $100 Gift Card to Sizzor Shak Salon & Color Spa The Drawing The Winner Presentation Review Winner For Collinsville Hair Salon

Winner of the Review Contest comes to pick up her prize. Thank you Katie Recklein for participating in our contest and leaving us such an awesome review. Learn about our next Sizzor Shak Collinsville hair salon contest on our Facebook page.

5 Ways to Beat the Harsh Winter Weather

If there was a survey done for people who love cold weather and who hate cold weather, the survey would probably be split down the center. Whether or not you love or hate the cold, the weather is harsh on your skin, hair, and health. Here are 5 ways to beat the Harsh Winter Weather: […]

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Redbirds Fans & Redheads for Fall – Collinsville Color Salon

Fall is a time for warmth and bonfires and for Cardinal fans – baseball! What do all of these things bring to mind? RED! Red is the way to go for that warm feel of fall, in your clothing, in your decor, nail polish and for your hair color as well. Why is red representative […]