Is Your Hair Aging You?

Turn Back The Clock

The world’s top beauty experts agree – your hair color is the greatest tool you have in your battle against aging. Here are some tips on keeping your hair young and glorious:

    1.) First rule: There needs to be contrast between your hair and your complexion; otherwise you will look washed out and pale, which makes you look older.

    2.) Go back in time – find a photo from your childhood and have your stylist copy that color. Most times, you’ll find that color will be very flattering.

    3.) For dark hair, try adding some caramel or toffee highlights to break up your hair style and brighten your face.

    4.) For lighter brown hair, choose dark blonde lights that will frame you face and enhance your complexion.

    5.) Blonde hair can turn ashy as you age and really wash you out. The goal is to have your stylist create pale, golden lights in your hair. These will add a warm glow to your skin.

    6.) Adding highlights and deep conditioning treatments will keep your hair shiny and healthy, definitely the hallmarks youthful beauty!