4 Reasons to Give a Sizzor Shak Gift Card

Sizzor Shak Gift Cards are available to give to your loved ones for CHRISTmas. Here are 4 reasons why you just might:

1. Finding the perfect gift for your loved ones can be nearly impossible; many of them like to make their own decisions on what they get.SizzorShakCHRISTmasGiftCard

Sizzor Shak offers a variety of services & products that your loved one can choose from.

It comes with a FREE little gift along with gift-wrapping.

It’ll give your friends & family a chance to see just why you love ‘The Shak’ so much!

Stop in at ‘The Shak’ to get your CHRISTmas shopping finished. Call 618-345-6446 in advance to let us know what you need & we’ll have everything waiting for you!