True Beauty

Is it possible that God has called me to be a receptionist in a hair salon?

People of faith talk a lot about God “calling” them to a career. My husband is in ministry, and he felt this call on his life back when he was in college. To be honest, I have always felt a bit of envy toward him – it must be nice to be certain that you are in the right job. To know that what you do really matters. To be content as you move through each day, doing your work with satisfaction and joy.

Can such a vocation be found during a random job search on Craigslist?

Some people would say laugh at the lofty idea of being “called” to a part-time job; the initial idea was merely to make extra money for our family budget. But on a personal level, this job has become so much more to me.

So I can say, with complete confidence, “Yes”. God has called me to be a receptionist in a hair salon. Not because I am especially talented at answering phone and greeting clients. But because I have a lot to learn about appreciating true beauty.

Most people who know me would laugh at this – after all, I was the young child who would raid my aunt’s cosmetic bag and spend hours beautifying myself. My brother and cousins (all boys) would also get to benefit from my make-up application skills! And as I grew through my teen and young adult years, my love for the beauty industry also grew. I would spend hours in a salon or a cosmetic department – sampling lotions, reading labels, spritzing scents.

So when I started working the front desk of Sizzor Shak Salon & Color Spa, I was thrilled to be in the center of all the hairspray, blow dryers, and facial creams. I actually got paid to sample the products that I love!

But the surprise – and delight – that God had in store for me was far more than a fun job and a pay check. Being a part of this salon has made a tremendous impact on my life. The staff, the stylists, the clients, and the owners – each have touched my heart and have given me a better understanding of what True Beauty really is.

So I thank God for calling me to this place where I can learn and admire and grow to be like the beautiful women of Sizzor Shak Salon.