Stylists are more than just hair care professionals. They are confidants, friends, counselors, & the list goes on. There are definitely things that you don’t have to share, but here are 5 things that you really should tell your stylist.

1. Have a bad breakup? He’s just not worth it! Never fix a bad break-up with a box of hair color! You’re upset. We understand … but please, see a pro. Box hair color only goes well with a box of wine and believe me; you will be regretting BOTH in the morning. Want a makeover? Wait a week after the big split and then talk to your stylist about what changes would look great for you.

2.Tell us what you really want… you tell us everything else! If you want hair flowing down your back you have to understand that scissors will cut (not grow) your hair. If you are at an in-between stage, we can help you grow it out and still look good and stylish. Tell us what you want right now and tell us what you would like your hair to look like a year from now. If we take your dark brown tresses and make them platinum, your hair might not be healthy enough in a year to keep it long.

3.Be honest about what you did to your hair in your bathroom. If you color your own hair, or tried to color your own hair, don’t be embarrassed. Everyone does this at least once. If you colored your hair at home, try to remember what you used so we know what we are working with. If you used Nitro, Metallic, Synthetic, or Henna dye on your head, we NEED to know. These dyes are hard to correct and they can be harmful to you.

4.Have long hair? Tell us everything that you have ever done to it – relaxers, perms, thermal strengtheners, Brazilian blowouts, color, bleaching … everything! Realize that hair grows a ¼ to ½ inch each month, if you have long hair, you have old hair. Old hair needs to be nurtured and taken care of. We can only take care of it if we know what we are working on.

5.Tell us what products you put on your hair at home. When a guest of mine tells me that they don’t remember, it’s usually because they don’t want to tell me. Believe me, using a bar of soap, generic brands or dishwashing liquid can change the balance of your hair and scalp. Products like that change the way hair color saturates and penetrates your hair. If you dare wash your hair with a bar of soap after you get your color done, you might as well buy that box of wine and 2 boxes of color!

[box]NOTE: Remember your stylist is a professional and is a daymaker! If you want to change your emotions, what we can do is change your outer appearance to look the way you want to feel! So consult your professional before you take matters into your own hands.[/box]

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