Therapeutic pressure is tailored to accommodate our guest’s individual needs.

Sanity Saver

Ready to pull out your hair? Take a breather!
De-stress with our popular $1 per minute saddle massage– Focusing on the neck, shoulders, and upper back, this is SURE to win back your SANITY!
*minimum 5 minutes


The Quick Fix

Need a moment? We TOTALLY understand!
Lay back and relax as upper body built up tension MELTS AWAY! This upper extremity, neck, and face massage is SERIOUS RELIEF for some SERIOUS STRESS!!
30 minutes – $30


The Melt Down

Experience our Spa’s Signature Swedish inspired massage.
Engaging in long, blissfully smooth, relaxation techniques, release all tension and “MELT” into a state of complete BLISS!
60/90 minutes – $60/$75


The Elbow

This sophisticated treatment uses elbows and forearms and stretching techniques for a truly effective deep tissue massage. Specially designed to remove lactic acid from over-exerted muscles, this treatment is PERFECT for athletes or those who lead a physically active life!
60/90 minutes – $60/$75


Momma Bird

Has the stork made a special delivery?
Pampered with pillows, this gentle therapeutic prenatal massage is focused on the special needs of the expecting mother as her body elegantly changes through the stages of pregnancy. Both mother and baby share the benefits of improved circulation and mobility. Chamomile infused oil promotes a calm mind, a calm body, and a peaceful baby.
* PLEASE NOTE: Only for mothers who are in their second trimester and beyond.
60 minutes – $60


Warm Stone

For the nagging muscle tension that JUST WONT QUIT!
Let our Warm Stone massage bring you instant relief of tense muscles and sore joints. Using healing properties of heated, warm, stones with a combination of gently applied therapeutic pressure, these warm stones are guided skillfully to targeted areas.
60/90 minutes – $75/$90



(Add On Treatments)


A MUST HAVE! Aromatherapy has been proven to enhance psychological and physical well-being. A brief consultation with the therapist will allow you to REJUVENATE amongst the specifically formulated blend of natural essential oils. Tailored to address your individual needs, Mother Nature is calling for you!
*Add Aromatherapy to any massage for ONLY $5!


Lavender Scalp Treatment

Lavender is an amazing essential oil with properties that promotes relaxation. But did you know that it also aides in hair growth? A combination of lavender and skillful fingers, this pampering scalp massage is SIMPLY DIVINE!
20 minutes – $20


Footsie – Wootsie

Not quite convinced about our Foot Fetish Massage?
Try this on for size! Have a little taste of what’s in store for you with our Signature Foot Fetish reflexology massage. This YUMMY peppermint foot rub is sure to satisfy your crave for the relief of tired achy feet. You know what they say… “If the shoe fits…”
15 minutes – $15 (Add On for $1/Minute)


The Hand Warmer

Relieve hard working, diligent hands!!
Focusing on the upper extremities, this massage treatment melts away muscle tension built up from tasks of everyday life!
* A great treatment to receive while processing your hair!
20 minutes – $20


Pebble Placement

Trouble Spot? Enhance your massage experience!
Therapeutic trigger point placement of a warm stone may be added to penetrate specific stubborn areas of tension.
* Speak with your therapist regarding focal points.
* Price may vary per quantity.




Is your skin screaming HELP in desperate need of a rescue?
Select the body treatment that is most suitable for YOU!


Body Exfoliations (Scrubs)

Exfoliate that dull layer of dead skin cells to reveal a smooth, bright, healthier YOU! Get your glow back, baby!
*Exfoliating your skin before obtaining a tan will promote a beautiful, healthy, even tan and increase its lifespan.


Skin Rescues…Salty or Sweet?

S.O.S. Sea salt and Olive oil Scrub (Intense) 30 minutes – $30
S.O.S. Sugar and Olive oil Scrub (Moderate) 30 minutes – $30
*Enhance your experience with a 30 or 60 minute Melt Down massage!
60 minutes – $60
90 minutes – $80



Snug as a Bug in a Rug!

Hydration Cocoon

Quench your body’s thirst, REPLENISH YOUR SKIN!!
Hydrating mud is applied over the entire body and then delicately wrapped in a warm, peaceful cocoon allowing the skin to absorb the nourishing minerals. Once removed, this treatment is complete with a 60 minute Melt Down massage for a truly skintamate experience!
90 minutes – $80


Clarifying Cocoon

This Clarifying Clay Wrap is specially geared to relieve congested skin.
This treatment works GREAT for those with body acne and black heads! Once applied, you will be wrapped in a warm cocoon to let this clay work its MAGIC! After removing the clay, you will be pampered with a 60 minute Melt Down massage to complete your skintimate experience!
90 minutes – $80



Our Signature Services are exclusively designed for your ULTIMATE SPA EXPERIENCE! Indulge yourself in our spa’s EXQUISITE choice retreats!


Signature Pumpkin Spider and Apple Cider Wrap

Step 1 is a brown sugar body polish to exfoliate the skin. Step 2 is the application of a pumpkin cinnamon body and face mask. Pumpkin is great for oily or acne prone skin and balances dry skin by deeply cleansing and toning. This pumpkin spice refining mask exfoliates with pumpkin enzymes to promote a clear, RADIANT complexion! Leaving skin AMAZINGLY SOFT, it is infused with cinnamon to promote great circulation. The 3rd Step is an Apple hydrating wrap to leave skin silky and fully moisturized! Add the finishing touch of the Melt Down massage and of course, it wouldn’t be complete unless served with warm apple cider!! This season’s DELICIOUS Signature Service is absolutely TO DIE FOR!!
120 Minutes – $80


Signature Foot Fetish

Reflexology is the ancient technique of foot massage. A nice, warm soak and peppermint infused foot scrub exfoliates and relieves tired, achy feet. Using peppermint infused lotion and focusing on lower extremities and pressure points which correspond to the body’s vital organs, this intense foot treatment increases energy and promotes an overall sense of well-being. Served with peppermint infused tea.
30 Minute Retreat – $30
* Want more time for your tootsies? Add ONLY $1 per minute!
*EXCELLENT choice for those who are processing hair!


Signature Lavender and Light Scalp Treatment

Lavender Dreams are sure to come with this tranquil lavender infused scalp massage. A recipe of therapeutic touch, Lavender oil, and LED Light therapy is just a HEAVENLY cocktail for a tranquil hair growth treatment!! While your treatment is processing, UNWIND with an upper and lower extremity Melt Down massage and served with Chamomile tea.
60 Minute Retreat – $75


Signature Lavender and Light Healing Session

Perfect for Sports Addicts and Active Individuals whose muscles are in need of healing therapy!
Our LED Laser Light is a cool healing laser, which brings cellular activity to the targeted areas. This service will include Lavender infused upper/lower extremity Melt Down massage and served with Chamomile tea.
60 min – $75



Get ready to “KNOCK ‘EM OUT!”
Your custom-fit facial is tailored to address YOUR skin’s personal needs! Add the flawless-finish airbrush makeover and a little bit of SASS, you will be turning heads left and right!
90 minute Retreat – $80


The Vacation Transformation

Get ready for PARADISE!
This choice signature retreat has been EXCLUSIVELY created to PREP and PAMPER!
Prepare yourself for your fun in the sun! It all begins with our amazing “Skinny Wrap,” to release harmful toxins causing water retention. Our Skinny Wrap is SURE to trim those inches of unsightly bloat! After slimming down in our Skinny Wrap, slough off that dull, flaky layer of alligator skin with our “SKIN TO WIN” body polish, an ABSOLUTE NECESSITY to achieve the most BEAUTIFUL, RADIANT, HEALTHY-LOOKING, EVEN TAN!! Provided by our Airbrush Tanning team, our elite chemical free, organic airbrush tanning treatment is custom blended by ingredients that work hand in hand with YOUR body’s individual melanin to match your skin’s tanning tone for BEAUTIFUL, GLOWING, SKIN without harmful UV Rays. GET YOUR GLOW BACK, BABY!! Transformation COMPLETE! Served with fresh fruit, dipping yogurt, and green tea.
120 minute Retreat $99 (Regular Price $118)


The OMG!

Pick the Skin Rescue Scrub of your choice! Accumulated layers of dead skin cells cause skin to become rough, dry, and dull looking. This 30 Minute Exfoliation session reveals the healthy, smooth, TRUE skin that has been longing to become UNVEILED!! After gently removing the scrub, Hydrating Clay is applied over the entire body and then delicately wrapped in a warm, peaceful cocoon, allowing the skin to absorb all the nourishing minerals! When ready for removal, enjoy aromatic, moist hot towels (of your choice) to reveal the most silky-smooth bed of skin you could ever IMAGINE! Next, INDULGE in a full body 60 Minute Aromatherapy Melt Down Massage to revive the senses!
After your body treatments have been complete, a small break will allow time to sip wine and dine on grapes, cheese and crackers! Return to pampering with our Signature “OOH-LA-LA!!” combination of your very own customized facial and flawless-finish airbrush makeover! This day at the spa retreat is PERFECT for that SPECIAL SOMEONE!
*Please call at least 1 week in advance for allotted time and to allow us to arrange accommodations.
All Day Spa Retreat – $199


Mommy and Me

The most precious gift is the gift of LIFE! Bonding with your baby is of the utmost importance! In this session, you will learn different types of touch, reflexes, and how to incorporate massage techniques. Provide comfort for your baby by soothing and relieving issues such as teething, digestion, constipation, and sleep disorder. Welcome your precious baby into this world with this beautiful bonding experience that will make the difference of a lifetime!
*Sessions may be scheduled weekly in advance to ensure precious time with your little one.
60 minutes – $50 (A perfect “push” present!)


Beyond Beautiful Blushing Bride

It’s your SPECIAL DAY! You are in for a real treat! Start off with our Skinny Wrap to reduce water retention and bloat. You want results? This Wrap is SURE to take off those few extra inches for the perfect fit of your gown! Next, UNVEIL that silky-smooth, healthy, glowing, skin with one of our Skin Rescue exfoliation services. Salty or Sweet? You decide!! Revive your body AND your senses!! Engaging in long, blissfully, smooth relaxation techniques, release all tension with our Aromatherapy Melt Down massage.

“MELT” into a state of complete BLISS! We know how much dancing you’ll probably end up doing. Our Signature Foot Fetish Peppermint reflexology massage will help prevent achy feet from missing out on any dance moves! Finally, Get yourself GORGEOUS with our Signature “OOH-LA-LA” customized facial and flawless-finish makeover combo! This Bridal Retreat is SURE to have you “BLUSHING BEYOND BEAUTIFUL!”
*Bride and guests served fresh fruit, dipping yogurt, and mimosas.
4 hour Retreat – $199


Head to Toe Facial / Massage Combo

Here it is! Get the best of BOTH WORLDS!!
Muscles contract, skin gets weathered. Time for some “Head to Toe” TLC! With the massage of your choice and customized facial, salvation lies ahead! You will come out feeling FRESH, and REJUVENATED!
120 minutes – $99