4 Tips on Finding the Best Hair Salon For You

It’s not always easy finding that salon that fits you just perfectly, but here are 4 little tips to help you find just what you’re looking for:

Discover what people are saying. Ask around & read reviews. Collect as many different testimonials & opinions as possible to determine whether that salon is a good fit for you. collinsvillesalonRemember that a reputation can say a lot about how a salon values their guests.

Look into the history of the salon. Find out how long they have had their doors open. You can almost always conclude that the longer a salon has been in business, the more experienced stylists you’ll find along with a superior educational system to train the new stylists in understanding the tricks of the trade.

It’s not always necessary to pay top dollar for a haircut. However, remember this general rule of thumb: “The cheaper the price of the cut, the cheaper the look of the cut.” You definitely get what you pay for. Linda Weber, owner of Sizzor Shak Salon & Color Spa, says:Never settle for a discount image at a bargain price; invest in the quality of your salon service. The way you will look and feel will pay priceless dividends in all aspects of your life.”

You want to feel comfortable and trust the salon you choose. You want to love working with your stylist and share the experience with your friends. Just remember, if you’ve found a salon that you love, but you feel like you haven’t quite connected with a certain stylist yet, continue to match up with different stylists at the same salon. Consider asking the front desk who they’d recommend as a stylist specifically for you.  Finding the perfect fit of the right salon with a talented stylist who understands your unique style & personality will leave you with a renewed sense of confidence every time you walk out that door.

So next time you’re in the market for a new salon, keep these 4 Tips in mind to help you find the best salon in your area. You’ll be happy that you did.

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