3 Tricks To Get the Perfect Ponytail

Check out Sizzor Shak’s 3 little tricks to get the perfect ponytail:

1. Spritz your brush with a shine enhancing spray like BedHead’s Superficial Smoothing Liquid.Voted #1 Salon in Collinsville - Sizzor Shak This spray will control the fly-aways & frizz, while adding a delicious scent to your hair.

2. To create just the right amount of bounce, use your brush to comb your hair straight back and secure it right between your nape & your crown.

3. Take a piece of hair from the underside of your ponytail (about a pinky’s width will do). Wrap it around your hair elastic & secure with a bobby pin. Then, spray it with Phyto Organics VaporGel, a firm hold micro-gel mist that adds flexibility and texture, along with UV protection.

Apply these 3 tricks & you’ll be on your way to achieving the perfect ponytail. For more information on products that will increase the beauty of your hair, stop by & see us at Sizzor Shak – Your “voted #1” Collinsville salon.

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